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Please note that I do not consider myself to be a singer or a musician. I sing and play on these tracks simply to present the music I am writing.

Colin Scott

New career songwriter

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Born in 1946 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire to a wonderful Mother (single parent) who sadly died when he was 16, After leaving grammar school, Colin began working on a farm. Finding that the farming community shunned outsiders, he got a job in a furniture shop in Sheffield. That business was taken over by a finance company and he joined them working his way up from debt collector through Supervisor, Assistant Manager and Branch Manager to Area Manager. Having married in 1967 and with two children he left the finance world in 1985 to become self employed as a joiner, mainly to provide employment for his son with jobs being scarce at that time. A year later his wife died and after a few years he married again. Although his son branched out into other employment Colin remained a joiner until retirement. In 2016 his second wife also died. That same year he had a small stroke but was (and remains) determined that it would not hold him back. Today he keeps very busy running the house and garden, and washing, ironing and cooking for his son Neil.



If you would like to know more about Colin and his music, please feel free to email him on

Rotherham, South Yorkshire