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How it started...

From being quite young, Colin was keen on music; probably springing from his best friend (at that time), Ian. Ian had a record player with actual records and knew about all the latest hits. Colin managed to borrow this record player and some records whilst Ian was on holiday once, and that was IT! Hooked on guitars and groups and music. After much pestering (really much) Mum finally bought him a guitar on the stipulation that lessons would be taken. Colin duly visited Mr. Clancey every week until the second of two examinations were passed, the second being held by an independent tutor living in Leicester. He learnt some of the new hits from the radio and bought an amount of sheet music to work from. 

On holiday one year not long after (Cleethorpes of course being from Rotherham) and with his trusty guitar to hand he entered the talent contest that was held daily on the prom. He won his heat and a place in the final on Cleethorpes Pier that Saturday. He was ecstatic with his third place and the meagre sweets that constituted the prize. This was the BIG TIME!!

Musically things tumbled along for a while, through the deaths of all those he had been brought up by; Grandad, Mother and then Grandma. By that time his Mum had married and he had a step-father who cared for the few years remaining before the end of school and independent life.

The next milestone in his music history came in about '73 or'74 with the formation of Devil's Disco with his two best friends (to this day), Stephen and Tony. The disco kept them out in the evenings for some years and was a great success.

The current musical development came about through waiting anxiously each year for some new Christmas music and finding none. In January 2019 he decided to write one himself. This was his first foray into song writing and became what might be described as a vanity exercise. He produced the lyrics and eventually the melody. He decided to record it, still thinking of it as a vanity project. As luck would have it the local paper had a report that indicated that a new studio had been opened in town. He made contact and went down to play and sing, thinking that would be the end of it. The studio owner was, however, very encouraging, saying "I like your voice" and "You should release it yourself". This gave rise to thought and investigations were made. He joined The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers and found a huge amount of good advice. Taking the advice to heart he promoted the song, now calling it "My new Christmas Single" to record companies, promoters and radio stations. Several local radio stations included it on their playlists for the 2019 Christmas period, with one presenter emailing to say "What a great song!". One record company showed what appeared to be great interest. Unfortunately after months of email discussions financial terms could not be agreed (they basically wanted everything in exchange for a little brass) and the impetus folded. Colin by then had written several more songs, some of which are featured on this website. Not wanting to become a performer himself, he has used the Song and Media studio (part of the Guild) to make the demo recordings. Yes It's Christmas Time Again started from frustration and has led here so far. What happens next? We shall all have to wait and see.

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