Will O' the WispColin Shore
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Will O' the Wisp is a new track with words written by me (Colin Scott) with subtle changes and melody by Colin Shore, who has also made the recording.

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This track is one that I wrote thinking of the current "fad" for gender changing/bending. Recorded at the Scamp Studios it is a really funky sound.

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This track was sent for assessment by the Guild and was noted as "a likely standard on open mic sessions". A nostalgic sort of song with just one cock-up in the recording - the final line should be "I would EVEN take a vow". My bad on the lyric sheet I sent in. I do have a backing version should anyone want to try it.

The Water's Edgeby Colin Scott
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This is my first attempt at an instrumental track. While I do not claim it to be perfection, I think it is listenable and quite sweet.

It's Totally Clearby Colin Scott
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The suggestion was to write a song about happiness. I thought that getting good news after finding a lump was pretty happy, so here it is. Fully recorded at home with computer drum, child's keyboard and acoustic guitar that I have some difficulty with after the stroke.

Losing the Plot by Colin Scott
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This is a song that I wrote in an attempt at writing a rock tune. At least that's the intention. I don't think it has turned out too bad considering , again, it's a home recording.

Love the Christmas Timeby Colin Scott
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This is 2020's new Christmas song. It was requested by one of my fans (yes I do!) and has been given the thumbs up by them, too. Hope you enjoy it.

Please Say Yes by Colin Scottfeaturing Holly
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This is a song that I wrote and recorded at home. The first version I became unhappy with, so I completely re-worked it. I am very grateful for my good neighbour Holly for providing the "YES" near the end. I needed a female voice. 

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A sort of rock song that would probably work sung and played by someone else. I like the feeling of it though.

OUT ON THE LAKE (a) by Colin Scott
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A pleasant little ditty I think. Picture yourself on or near your favourite piece of water and drift into the lyrics.

YOU MATTER TO ME by Colin Scott
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A typical love song that says it all for itself.

YOU'RE MY HOPE by Colin Scott
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A story of wishing from afar, then love coming true in the end.

BLAME IT ON THE TURKEY by Colin ScottColin Scott
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 A very humorous song ready for Christmas 2021. This is one of my favourites and still makes me laugh.

LETS MEET AGAIN by Colin Scott © 2021
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A story of a couple who dated and then split. He (or she) now wants to meet again. A noce one.

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He fell in love (at first sight) with a street walker.

THE MASK by Colin Scott © 2021 GISC
00:00 / 03:47

This started off as a rushed challenge that would not get developed. My son said do ti, so I did.

I HOPE (A) by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196
00:00 / 03:14

A tale of a young man starting boarding school and not liking the prospect.

AMBITION by Colin Scott GISC 2196670
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This started off as a competition entry, the theme being "Ambition". I thought that writin of my own ambitions migh strike a chord with the judges, but no.

OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS by Colin Scott 2021
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Just another little Christmas son that I quite like.

STAY WITH ME (A) by Colin Scott GISC 2196670
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One that is a trad love song, and one that I particularly like. I entered it into the UK Songwriting Competition and it achieved three stars. The Judges comments included:- Competently crafted; Songwriting ability and potential; Positive and encouraging. I am quite chuffed with my first venture into major competitions.

BROKEN HEARTS (A) by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 04:17

Another love song without the happy ending.

TOUCH ME TOUCH ME by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 03:55

A rather nice rock song.

DON'T COME BACK by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 04:12

A love song that is definitely not happy. Split up and locks changed.

BRING IT ON by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 03:51

Another rock song, and one that is well liked.

DECEMBER 25th by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 04:35

This was written for a Guild competition (result not yet known) and is quite jolly

SANTA'S BEEN! by Colin Scott 2021 GISC2196670
00:00 / 03:45

A catchy tune based on real life. Taken from each early Christmas morning when my son and daughter were little. Yes, they did shout "He's been!!!"

I CAN'T FALL (IN LOVE WITH YOU) B by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 03:04

A pure love song. I can't fall in love with you - because I already do.

DOO DIDI DOO DAH by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
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I was challenged to write a nonsense song. I can't resist a challenge, so here is a crazy nonsense song.

THE GAMBLER by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 04:19

The gambler has a problem - losing! He wants "them" to stop him. No willpower.

LISTEN TO ME by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196670
00:00 / 03:29

Trying to get sense into a runaway's head.

Yes It's Christmas Time Again copyright © 2019 by Colin Scott
00:00 / 03:14

this is the very first song that I wrote. It is also on U Tube. It seems to be a firm favourite with most people.