Will O' the WispColin Shore
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Will O' the Wisp is a new track with words written by me (Colin Scott) with subtle changes and melody by Colin Shore, who has also made the recording.

Colin Shore pictured, was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, moved to the West Country in the summer of 1984 and has been writing songs since his school days in the 70's. He learned to play the guitar at age 11 and is still learning today! LOL! He loves the Shadows music and has written 3 instrumentals, one called Stay Close To Me included on the Shadfaxers album, is actively performing in hotels, clubs, pubs and holiday parks.

Colin and I are collaborators for Will O' the Wisp, meaning that we create the song together. We may work on other songs together as well as working on our own for other songs.

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This track is one that I wrote thinking of the current "fad" for gender changing/bending. Recorded at the Scamp Studios it is a really funky sound.

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This track was sent for assessment by the Guild and was noted as "a likely standard on open mic sessions". A nostalgic sort of song with just one cock-up in the recording - the final line should be "I would EVEN take a vow". My bad on the lyric sheet I sent in. I do have a backing version should anyone want to try it.

The Water's Edgeby Colin Scott
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This is my first attempt at an instrumental track. While I do not claim it to be perfection, I think it is listenable and quite sweet.

It's Totally Clearby Colin Scott
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The suggestion was to write a song about happiness. I thought that getting good news after finding a lump was pretty happy, so here it is. Fully recorded at home with computer drum, child's keyboard and acoustic guitar that I have some difficulty with after the stroke.

Losing the Plot by Colin Scott
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This is a song that I wrote in an attempt at writing a rock tune. At least that's the intention. I don't think it has turned out too bad considering , again, it's a home recording.

Love the Christmas Timeby Colin Scott
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This is 2020's new Christmas song. It was requested by one of my fans (yes I do!) and has been given the thumbs up by them, too. Hope you enjoy it.

Please Say Yes by Colin Scottfeaturing Holly
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This is a song that I wrote and recorded at home. The first version I became unhappy with, so I completely re-worked it. I am very grateful for my good neighbour Holly for providing the "YES" near the end. I needed a female voice. 

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A sort of rock song that would probably work sung and played by someone else. I like the feeling of it though.

OUT ON THE LAKE (a) by Colin Scott
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A pleasant little ditty I think. Picture yourself on or near your favourite piece of water and drift into the lyrics.

YOU MATTER TO ME by Colin Scott
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A typical love song that says it all for itself.

YOU'RE MY HOPE by Colin Scott
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A story of wishing from afar, then love coming true in the end.

BLAME IT ON THE TURKEY by Colin ScottColin Scott
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 A very humorous song ready for Christmas 2021. This is one of my favourites and still makes me laugh.

LETS MEET AGAIN by Colin Scott © 2021
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A story of a couple who dated and then split. He (or she) now wants to meet again. A noce one.

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He fell in love (at first sight) with a street walker.

THE MASK by Colin Scott © 2021 GISC
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This started off as a rushed challenge that would not get developed. My son said do ti, so I did.

I HOPE (A) by Colin Scott 2021 GISC 2196
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A tale of a young man starting boarding school and not liking the prospect.

AMBITION by Colin Scott GISC 2196670
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This started off as a competition entry, the theme being "Ambition". I thought that writin of my own ambitions migh strike a chord with the judges, but no.

OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS by Colin Scott 2021
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Just another little Christmas son that I quite like.